Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to manage my career ? part 2

Choosing a new job

If after making the assessment of the previous post we realize that we are in the wrong job , or if we are in a process of outplacement , begins our search stage , in which it is crucial to know how to choose the best option. Many of us base the election of a new work based on monthly gross salary . But it is not the only variable to consider , there are other worthwhile inclusion to our decision making process . Here are some of them:


- Fixed salary and variable pay

- Bonds and cash incentives and long-term

       Development Opportunities

- Training

       Conditions and characteristics of the work

- Nature of Work

- Freedom and autonomy

- Geographic location

- Flexible hours

       Taste and skill by the functions

       Environment and labor Relations

- Work environment

- Headquarters

- Life Balance - Work / Quality of Life

       Organizing features

- Reputation of the company

- Title and charge level

- Job stability

       General convenience for the person and family

       Tell us the subconscious

Worth taking into account all these variables , ponder , to have a much clearer view of the work that suits us .

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