Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to manage my career ? part 1

Today it is not enough to be working in a good job . To appear in this competitive world is necessary to have a career management plan very clear to tell us if we are in the right direction and question every year.

A good start is to ask the following questions :

    My current job challenges me ? I enjoy what I do?
    How I wish it were my personal life , I'm happy with the one I have now ?
    In what situation I would be in 5, 10, 15 years?
    What kind of work I like , what I better development environments ?
    Do the people I work with make me feel good ?
    What are my most important skills ?

Are some self-analysis questions seeking validate or challenge our current work . I'm not saying you have to change , and less these days, but if you really are passionate identify and if not, find out why , try to change our habits or behaviors to do it and even we get the long awaited ascent and if no, only in this case , see other options on the market .

One way to identify the above is to look at himself , knowing that is what separates us , what we value , what makes us feel happy . After that , ask the others what characterizes us, maybe a quick description, what kind of job would be ideal for us , and finally there are also psychological assessment tools to validate the above .

Recommends questioned if the work allows us to work with those who share our outlook on life , or should we assume a different personality to work during the day. Our motivation , our job satisfaction depend largely on the level of rapport (values, behaviors , personal characteristics ) with those who see more than 8 or 12 hours each day .

Another important point is recommended to identify whether the current work challenges us , makes us think more , brings out the best in us and we are excited when we do well .

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